Sheldonian Theatre tours 


Standard tour:

A brief history of the University of Oxford: The Sheldonian theatre in context.

Have you ever wondered how the first University in the English-speaking world was formed, how long it's been in existence and the secrets of it’s past?

This 60 to 80 minute guided walking tour is perfect to whet the appetite of curious visitors who wish to glimpse something of this University’s extraordinary, majestic, violent and surprisingly peculiar story.

During the tour you will discover how the Sheldonian Theatre fits into the wider context of the University of Oxford and why Christopher Wren’s Sheldonian Theatre is so central to the ceremonial heart and governance of this place of learning.

During the tour you will also discover something of these nearby places:

• The Clarendon building and the Clarendon quad.
• The Old Schools’ quad. & Divinity School
• Radcliffe Square & the Radcliffe Camera
• All Souls’ College
• Brasenose College
• Hertford College
• The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

At the end of your tour, why not climb up into the roof space and then into the cupola on the top of the building to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Oxford’s famous skyline from within the city centre?* This is an option, for which there is no additional charge (we suggest that you add 15 – 30 minutes to your visit if you wish to include this).   *subject to the availability of the space on the tour day.

Bespoke tour

Bespoke tours can be adapted according to the requirements of your group. Please ask if you would like the tour to have any particular theme or focus.

How to book

To book a private tour, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07530 951 320 (0044 7530 951 320 from a non-UK 'phone).


All standard & bespoke tours cover short distances over flat terrain and are suitable for everybody, including groups of individuals, school children, students and families and the tours can easily be adapted to suit visitors with limited mobility.


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